Our Expertise

•  Asking questions and understanding the answers
•  Ensuring the right fit between client and candidate
•  Building trusting relationships to get close to people
•  Understanding feelings and emotions
•  Helping candidates represent themselves correctly
•  Coaching candidates to ‘play to their strengths’.

Nobody is ‘average’ and no one looks for ‘average’. We bring the right clients and candidates together. Our clients want the right person to join their team. You may know who you want or simply know what you don’t want. Our expertise is understanding your requirements and finding that person. Our candidates want to find the right position. It could be your life for three years, five or more. You want to be interested, excited and valued. You may want more money or a better future. We use our skills to help you achieve your aspirations.

  • Maggie MacSwiney

    Maggie MacSwiney

    With more than 30 years hands-on and management experience in leading recruitment companies, Maggie has carved out an enviable reputation...

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  • Victoria Ursulean

    Victoria Ursulean

    After working in inventory rentals Victoria joined Hewitts Consulting in 2011. Based on her attention to detail and an affinity...

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  • Sheetal Mistry

    Sheetal Mistry

    Starting her career working on the in-house side of recruitment for large IT organisations, Sheetal took a break from work...

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  • Stephanie Deslandes

    Stephanie Deslandes

    “‘Everything else that needs doing’ … that’s how Stephanie describes her role at Hewitts Consulting. That position includes managing the...

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