Our Clients

When you ask us to find a candidate, first we find out about you and your organisation. We have to know all about you as well as the role you want to fill. We have to understand what you do and how you do it, that way we can talk to candidates from a strong knowledge-base.

We will also ask you about your organisation’s culture and ethos – quite simply what makes you what you are. That’s vital, because there’s little point in the role-fit being right but the cultural fit being wrong. That’s why we invest considerable time in ensuring that we understand your organisation at all levels to ensure the fit is correct from all angles.

I consider Hewitts Consulting to be an extension of my recruitment team, working in partnership with Smart421 to help fuel our business growth. Partnership is not a word I use lightly. Our recruitment partners are not simply suppliers, they work closely with us, understand our business, our direction and headcount forecasts. They work with us to build a ‘future pipeline’ of talent, delivering the right resources as and when we need them. When I first spoke to Maggie it was a refreshing experience talking to someone who had clearly done their research and was on our wavelength. Her team made the effort to visit our offices, understand our business and absorb our culture, which means they effectively represent us to prospective candidates. That’s important, because their relationship with candidates goes beyond assessing the ability to do the job. Hewitts Consulting dig beneath the surface layer to fully qualify individuals. When they suggest a candidate I’m sure they are sending us a good match technically, professionally and culturally. Hewitts Consulting have invested the time and effort needed to go beyond immediate ‘here and now’ demands, to work proactively and strategically with Smart421. Their responsiveness is excellent, their communication exceptional and we’re building a strong, long-term relationship.
Andrew HaskellSmart421Director of Business Services