Our Services

Taking the brief: Our approach is the same for permanent or contract staff, when you ask us to look for people to join your organisation we always begin with a detailed brief. With technical IT recruitment it’s relatively easy to establish the knowledge and skill set required, however it’s much harder to define precisely what someone will do. Placing an individual on technical skills alone is pointless. We dig below the surface, which is why our briefs are more detailed than most.

Building relationships: From our own resourcers who find candidates to our internal consultants that place them, it’s all about using relationships to ensure success. And it’s more than simply what clients think they want, it’s matching the person we find to what our clients need them to do. That’s why a major part of our service is building relationships – with clients and candidates, permanent or contract staff.

Team member or working alone: Contractors are often viewed as a ‘temporary resource’, that’s not good enough, they must integrate with your existing employees. Prospective team members must fit with your team – it’s as important as technical knowledge. Alternatively, for stand-alone roles with nobody to advise them, contractors must know what to do. That’s why we ask about the skill-sets contractors require, what clients want them to do and the resources currently doing the job.

Responding to pressure: Whether it’s a last-minute task or a rapidly scaling project, you need highly competent contractors used to working in those environments. You need people who can respond with the sustainability and confidence to hit the ground running and know what they’re doing. That’s why we take the time to get that information from clients so our contractors know what’s expected of them.