Our Candidates

When you work with us you know that your future is our concern. You’re always treated with care, consideration and respect. You’re never a number – always an individual.

We always give you all the job information you need to make an informed decision. We always tell you everything we know about an organisation – from job description to corporate culture. We work tirelessly to ensure that you’re placed in the right role, where you can make a meaningful contribution and feel ‘at home’ from the first.

When we say we’re ‘building relationships for life’ we mean exactly that.

During my search for a new role, Hewitts Consulting were the only agency to act pro-actively, with understanding, offering support and encouragement. They took the time to talk to me, to find out ‘how I ticked’ and showed true empathy with my situation. All of the other agencies made me feel as though they were doing me a favour by simply looking at my CV, and too often I had to initiate contact to find out what was happening invariably being fobbed off with lame excuses.  The team at Hewitts Consulting always kept me informed of progress, helped set my expectations and did a great job liaising with prospective employers.  In my view, ultimately this is why Hewitts Consulting were successful in finding me an excellent role where I am very happy.
Gordon BrownEnterprise Architect